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       Zibo HengRun Aviation Textile Co.,Lt
      Product Classification
      Contact Us
      Address :Downtown of Yishui county, Zibo, Shandong, China

      Telephone :+86-533-3282505 3288262

      Cell phone :+86-13706433200

      Fax :+86-533-3267880
      E-mail: sxt@sdtowel.com

      About Us

      Zibo Hengrun Aviation Textile Co.,Ltd., founded in 1987, owns jacquard weave towel weaving machine, overflow dyeing machine and others.

      We mainly produce all kinds of pure cotton aviation towel, tray aviation towel, hot towel, wet towel and others aviation production. Annual export output for all kinds of aviation towels is above 70 million. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and 20 more nations and areas. We are 120 km from Jinan airport and 170 km from Qingdao port, and enjoy convenient transportation.

      We will welcome domestic and external customers to choose our products by better service and products, delivery on time, sincere cooperation and mutual benefits. 

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